Carbon Express Covert CX1 Crossbow Kit 185-Pounds Camo

Carbon Express Covert CX1 Crossbow Kit 185-Pounds Camo

5.00 out of 5
(1 customer review)

5.00 out of 5
1 review

Product Description

The New Carbon Express Covert CX1 Crossbow Kit 185-Pounds Camo continues the Covert tradition with a combination of amazing speed and hard hitting power. The CX1 is a superb combination of great looks and rugged performance. With its bronze anodized aluminum flight rail, proven carbon infused limbs and premium strings and cables, it delivers a crossbolt to the target with extreme velocity and precision accuracy. The ergonomic stock design, with a 1″ stock pad insert, Picatinny accessory rail and multi-position forearm, provides maximum adjustability to accommodate users of any shooting style and hand position. The bow boasts a deluxe lighted scope with Red/Green illuminations for varying light conditions. Rail lubricant and practice points are included. The new Carbon ExpressCX1 is the perfect combination of speed, performance and power to help all hunters shoot better in the field!

  • Carbon Express Covert CX1 Crossbow Kit 185-Pounds Camo
  • 330 fps
  • Kinetic Energy: 105 ft. lbs
  • Draw Weight: 185 lbs
  • Power Stroke: 14 inches
  • This item is not for sale in some specific zip codes

Rugged Design with Best in Class Features

  • Great looks and rugged performance.
  • Bronze-anodized, machined metal rail and carbon infused limbs for superior durability.
  • Ergonomic stock design and multi-position forearm provide customizable fit and feel.
  • 4×32 lighted scope with red/green illuminations for varying light conditions.

Hi-Tech Precision
CNC machined aluminum riser for precise alignment of the limbs for peak accuracy. Sound dampening rubber-coated one-piece aluminum foot stirrup provides added safety and stealth in cocking of crossbow.

4×32 Deluxe Lighted Scope
Deluxe multi-reticle lighted scope with red/ green dual illumination for varying light conditions.

Anti-Dry-Fire System
All-metal trigger and safety provide smooth, consistent performance, while the anti-dry-fire mechanism is designed to reduce chances of mishaps in the field. The safety system is designed for both left- and right-handed shooters.

Compact Bull-Pup Stock Design
Advanced Bull-Pup stock design positions trigger mechanism 4″ forward when compared with conventional crossbows.

Precision Aluminum Alloy Cam Sets
Precision-engineered cams, tunable synthetic bow strings and power cables deliver smooth, accurate shooting for extended performance.

Picatinny Rail System
The Covert CX1 includes a 9″ multi-position adjustable rail system perfect for mounting accessories. The forearm is fully adjustable to accommodate all users and shooting styles.

SilenTech™ Coating
A rubber-like exterior finish that reduces vibration and dampens sound on crossbows for improved and quieter hunting in the field.

Kit Includes
Rope Cocker, Quick Detach 3 Arrow Quiver, 3 Maxima Hunter® 20″ Crossbolts, 4×32 Deluxe Lighted Scope with Red/Green Illuminations for Varying Light Conditions, Rail Lubricant, 3 Practice Points.

Mossy Oak® Break-Up® Infinity™
Featuring unprecedented depth, unequaled detail and elements with remarkable contrast,
Break-Up® Infinity™ truly offers hunters another dimension in camo.
Mossy Oak®, Break-Up® and Infinity™ are trademarks of Haas Outdoors, Inc.

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1 review for Carbon Express Covert CX1 Crossbow Kit 185-Pounds Camo

  1. Drew
    5 out of 5


    I did a lot of online research before purchasing a crossbow and I was on a $500 budget. With that budget, Barnett has the best options, or so it seems. After reading many bad reviews on Barnett products, especially the xbows in my price range, a dropped by our local outdoors shop and spoke with someone in person. They confirmed the issues with Barnett and said they previously were a Barnett dealer and had several problems with faulty equipment and warranty work (even though the manufacturer in only 150 miles away).

    He suggested I look at the Carbon Express line which they sale and have been pleased with. After online research, I found the reviews to be much better so I went back to the shop and checked some out. He had a Covert CX1 packaged with illuminated recticle scope, 3 bolts, quiver, and cocking rope all for $475.00. And they would honor the manufacturers warranty in house if I happen to have a problem.

    I couldn’t argue with that so I bought it. I took it home and after careful inspection and scope mounting adjustments, began to fire some bolts. This thing is awesome. Zeroed the scope at 20 yards per manual, and the recticle dots are dead on at 30 and 40 also. Hits inside a coin everytime. Haven’t tried any shots longer yet but ready to try some at 50 and 60 yards. Very please with my purchase.

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